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Is the Taj Mahal open every day?

February 16, 2018
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Is the Taj Mahal open every day?
Taj Mahal is closed every Friday. On Other Day Taj Mahal open Sunrise to Sunset. Traveler Can visit Taj Mahal from Morning to Evening only. Delhi to taj mahal distance 230 Kms and less than 4 hour drive by car. Taj Mahal has three gate. the Taj Mahal is open every day except friday frm all of these gate. 

  • South Gate
  • Eastern Gate
  • Western Gate

Open : Sunrise to sunset every day.
Distance about: 5.5 Kms from Agra Cantt Railway Station.
Entry fee : Domestic Tourist : INR 250/- Foreign Tourist : INR 1300/-

That said, the Taj is at its most alluring in the relative quiet of early morning, shrouded in mists and bathed with a soft red glow. As its vast marble surfaces fall into shadow or reflect the sun, its colour changes, from soft grey and yellow to pearly cream and dazzling white; it’s well worth visiting at different times. This play of light is an important decorative device, symbolically implying the presence of Allah, who is never represented in anthropomorphic form.

The moods of the Taj vary from dawn to dusk. The Taj Mahal or the Crown of Palaces looks milky white in the soft light that characterizes early morning, while the afternoon sun makes it glisten bright and dazzling in the overhead sunlight, almost looking like a jewel against the opaque blue of the skyline and then comes a moonlit Taj breaking into the night sky, majestic and simply beautiful in a sense that cannot be put into words. It is at this time that it shines like a pearl.

A visitor to the monument may very well stand agape at this spectacle, the romanticism and sheer majesty of the structure unbelievably true. Its sensuous appeal was never more heightened as on a full moon night. The dome is what is highlighted, while the other aspects of the structure, though separated, each facet with its individuality intact, is nevertheless united in look, the balance is so perfect. The rows of cypress trees offset by the green carpet of grass complete the picture of idyllic proportions, resplendent in royal dignity.

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