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Shopping in places Agra near taj mahal and Agra Fort

Let talk about Shopping in Agra – Agra is primarily known for its landmarks, forts, palaces, and catacombs, be that as it may, take cover behind these engineering ponders are the customary strip malls and bazaars. Agra is one of the most visited public communities in India, being the fourth biggest city in Uttar Pradesh.

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One can discover various assortments of exotic and wiped out specialties, which are no place to be seen nowadays. One of the most regularly purchased collectibles is called ”Bric-a-Brac,” which is a little marble imitation of the Taj Mahal. An individual coming to Agra isn’t probably going to return with nothing, for there are such a large number of shops of artistry, make, and different keepsakes. Shopping in Agra after the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort visit is part of many itineraries. Many shopping malls in Agra near Taj Mahal and Agra Fort can be seen. 

Shopping in Agra

  • Retail leather shopping in agra
  • Shop at sadar bazar in agra
  • Kinari Bazaar Agra is renowned for its market with wholesalers and retailers.
  • Tips For Shopping In Agra

The distinctive element of the business sectors of Agra. Is that each store here is one of a kind in its manner and known for an alternate item through and through. Notwithstanding these Street shops, there are some very settled shopping centers in Agra having all the brands. The Taj Mahal and different well-known landmarks of Agra become much all the more occurring during the hour of celebrations with all the nearby crafted works and expressions put in plain view. The food here is mouth-watering, particularly Petha, Dalmoth, and Gajak.

roadside shop in agraIt is home to the absolute most impeccable artistry and ancient rarities markets. The shopping exhibition in Agra is humming with business sectors, retail establishments, retail outlets, and nearby bazaars. Agra is home to numerous people like the craftsmen, goldsmiths, weavers, cover producers, and weavers who come here to feature their valuable ability. Agra is perhaps the biggest market for weaving and materials. The greater part of the significant shopping edifices are arranged close to the Taj Mahal, the most famous ones being Kinari Bazaar, Sadar Bazaar, and Fatehabad Road.

Let us presently examine probably the most eight renowned avenues for Shopping in Agra and their specialties.

1. Sadar Bazaar Agra

Sadar Bazaar Agra is one of the most famous shopping spots, located near the Agra Cantt railway station. Sadar Bazar Agra, Everything varying from sweets, embroideries, handicrafts, garments to leather bags can be found at a single place. Cafes Shop, such as Café Coffee Day (CCD) too, is situated near the market in addition to some yummy vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food joints.

Sadar Bazaar AgraSadar Bazaar Agra Best Known For

Since Agra is very well-known for its sheepskin products, do not ignore to purchase them from here. Many stores located in the market are reasonable and offer the right quality products in Sadar Bazar Agra. If you want to buy footwear, ethnic clothes, and accessories, you need to head out to the Sadar Bazaar!

Tips: Always negotiate before making the final deal.

Timings: 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM, Tuesday closed

2. Subhash Bazaar Agra

Subhash Bazar Agra is another famous Shopping bazaar of Agra, which is located in Halwai Gali near the north side of Jama Masjid nearby the Agra Fort.

Kinari Bazar Agra indiaSubhash Bazaar Agra Best Known For

One is expected to find a wide variety of goods, out of which silk saris and silk products are the most prominent ones in Subhash Bazaar Agra.

Tips: With the right bargaining experiences, one is possible to get some excellent quality products at a reasonable price.

Timings: 10:30 AM to 8:00 PM, Every Tuesday closed

3. Kinari Bazaar Agra

Kinari Bazaar Agra is located near Jama Masjid of town. Kinari Bazaar Agra is the wholesale market of the city with a great history.

Kinari Bazaar agraKinari Bazaar Agra Best Known For

Kinari Bazaar Agra is renowned for its market with wholesalers and retailers. The Kinari Bazaar Agra is home to a wide variety of textiles, glassware, leather, rugs, and. handicrafts, along with marble

Tips: Try to get yourself a genuine bargain in wholesale and make the right quality products at a fair cost.

Timings: 10 am to 8 pm, Tuesday closed

4. TDI Mall Agra

TDI Mall Agra, the shopping center, is arranged on the Fatehabad Road close to the acclaimed Taj Mahal. Aside from being an extraordinary shopping spot, the shopping center is very attainable for its amusement, just as recreation reasons. There is an immense food court, as well, with a wide range of assortments of food dishes. Notable residential, just as worldwide brands, can be found in the TDI Mall Agra. An individual who venerates brands can locate a decent catch in the TDI Mall Agra.

bazaar agraTDI Mall Agra Best Known For

TDI Mall Agra, The place is popular for its wide variety of products and clothes, and both Indian branded as well as non-branded.

Tips: Visit the TDI Mall Agra when there is a sale on brands because that is the time when you are possible to gain value for money.

Timings: 11 am to 10:30 pm

5. Shoe Market

This market is located in the area called Hing Ki Mandi. It is a very famous shoe market of the city.

shopping in agra

Best Known For

Since Agra is popular for its footwear industry, one can get a good pair of shoes at the market. One is likely to get a pair of shoes at reasonable price having good quality.

Since the market is situated in a congested area, it is advisable not to drive your vehicle there. Instead, use the public transport. The market is visited by wholesalers to buy the products in wholesale meaning that one can get quite a good deal at the market.

10 AM to 4 PM

Retail leather shopping in agra

Various leather retail outlets in Agra have a large group of crafted works on special. In the event that you need to buy keepsakes, you can make a beeline for the UP Handlooms and UPICA on MG Road. Aside from these, Subhash Emporium offers items made of Agra marble. There are additionally numerous large showrooms and government-run craftsmanship shops that you can shop in.

Things to Shopping in Agra


When shopping in Agra, you can’t miss rampage spending on the marble makes. You can purchase smaller than normal marble reproduction of the Taj Mahal or the impeccable marble jars, ashtrays, and fancy boxes. The other thing Agra is acclaimed for is calfskin, be it cowhide boots, belts, packs, shoes, or coats. Agra has markets where you can get the absolute best arrangements on cowhide merchandise. Another must-purchase thing is the floor coverings and rugs. You can look over a full scope of mats, floor coverings, inside decorations, and carpets. You can purchase floor coverings for any conceivable plan.

Tips For Shopping In Agra

  • While shopping in Agra, be mindful of the nature of stone and marble wares. One method for distinguishing is that the real marble is obscure and doesn’t permit light to go through.
  • Abstain from going out to shop with drivers or aides at they will, in general, get gigantic commissions, making your things expensive
  • Credit cards are accepted at nearly all the stores

The city is excellent and offers a fabulous shopping experience. Do design an excursion to this superb spot, away from the clamoring sound of the city. Places like Agra are an unquestionable requirement visit and a complete necessity add-on to the rundown of the explorers. Aside from offering impeccable things, these bazaars are likewise sensible, giving umpteen chances to rehearse your dealing aptitudes. On the off chance that shopping is at the forefront of your thoughts, at that point, Agra won’t leave you disillusioned!

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