The monkeys attacked the foreign tourist during day tour to taj mahal

May 23, 2018
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The monkeys attacked the foreign tourist during their day tour to taj mahal in Agra

The Bunch of monkeys attacked two foreign vacationers journeying Agra’s famous Taj Mahal these days morning. The monkeys reputedly attacked the foreign traffic, during their day tour to taj mahal, a girl, reportedly of French beginning, and some other guy, on their legs. Numerous bloody scratches will be seen on both of them. Reviews say that one of the monkeys additionally bit the man at the leg. The two were straight away given hospital treatment.

The incident, that occurred inside the Taj Mahal premises, has brought about panic among the site visitors.

Monkey in Taj Mahal

Agra has seen a rapid boom of monkey population in latest years. Agencies of monkeys frolicking across the famous marble mausoleum have been a purpose of a problem for the government.

Time and again, governments and NGOs have collaborated to sterilize monkeys, but the population is exploding. Activists say plentiful meals from the temples and services made by using the devotees of Lord Hanuman are not conducive toward controlling monkey breeding. On top of it, Agra has a completely terrible rubbish collection system, they say.

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