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Which day Taj Mahal is closed in a week?

In which day Taj Mahal is closed?

Taj Mahal closed on Friday and Taj Mahal is closed on Friday,  tourist can view Taj Mahal from Mehtab Bagh from Sunrise to Sunset. On Friday, is only accessible to practicing Muslims to attend the Friday prayers in the afternoon in Taj Mahal. If you wish to see the stunning exterior of the monument, visit the Mehtab Bagh on the opposite bank of River Yamuna.

What is the ticket of Taj Mahal?

Entrance Fee for Mehtab Bagh for Indian Travelers INR 250 and for foreigner Travelers INR 1300. below 15 years are free. You can buy Taj Mahal online ticket before visit to Taj Mahal. so Which day Taj Mahal is closed in a week, is Friday.

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Taj Mahal opening and Closing Time

Taj Mahal closed on Friday but on other days Taj Mahal open in morning during sunrise Time and close ticket window sunset time. 

Taj Mahal Entrance fee also available online to avoid the Longline on ticket window and save time. Our Company Taj Mahal Cabs assist to buy Taj Mahal Full Moon Night Entrance Ticket.

Taj Mahal Ticket window
Taj Mahal Ticket window

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Agra City Tour by Car & Driver – Full Day Agra Local tour by car included all parking charges. Visit Taj Mahal in morning becouse less crowed later people rush to all f three entrance gate of Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal closed on Friday and open in morning sunrise time and close in evening after sunset. but tickect window closed at sunset time.

Attraction in Agra:

  • Agra Red Fort
  • Chini ka Roza
  • Akbar Tomb
  • Itmad-ul-Daula
  • Sadar Bazar

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What is the best gate to enter Taj Mahal?

Eastern Gate is the best entrance to Taj Mahal. It can be accessed through three gates. Tour groups enter through the east and west gates and independent travelers through the south gates. The east gate has the shortest queues. There are separate lines for men and women at all three gates

Best Time of the Day to Visit the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is a dynamic image with different beauty as the sunlight alters its color during the day, so technically you can make a visit at any time of the day.

However, sunrise is the best time as the monument is like a blooming flower when the twilight gilds it with pink color. Moreover, if you visit the Taj Mahal in the early morning, you can not only avoid the heat but also the crowds. For those people in pursuit of some perfect shots and don’t want to wait too long, getting up earlier can be very rewarding.

If you are not a morning person, a sunset visit is also a nice choice. The temperature becomes cool after the scorching afternoon and the monument is surrounded by soft silver light. Usually, there are more visitors at sunset than at sunrise. Patience is necessary to capture some good pictures.

If you happen to be in Agra on the full moon day or 2 days before/after, a night visit to the Taj Mahal is also available. Unlike what you see in the daytime, the silhouette of the structure against the dark sky and moonlight is full of peace and magic.

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